1. I have registered into Touchstone but am unable to execute tests. To execute tests, you must either create a new organization or become a member of an existing organization.

  2. When I try to re-execute a previous test execution, it says that the Test Setup could not be found. You probably deleted the Test Setup. Just recreate it in Test Definitions screen.

  3. When I try to re-execute a previous test execution or click on a previous Test Setup, the test scripts section appears empty. The test scripts in your test setup have likely been removed from the system. This may not be obvious. If the path to the script changes, then the script is treated by the system as a new one. You can recreate your test setup in Test Definitions screen.

  4. When executing a client-side test script, I have submitted what the system asked me to but my operation execution is still stuck on `Waiting for Request` Make sure you are sending your USER_KEY in the request header. The sections Test execution matching and Exchanges screen cover this in great detail.

  5. When creating a Test Setup I get an error saying that the test scripts are not using the same validator. Touchstone will enforce one Validator per Test Setup. Either make sure that all the tests you want to run are using the same Validator or create seperate Test Setups for any Tests that require a different Validator.

  6. Why is my Bearer Token different in the Test Execution than the one I provided. Touchstone is Base64Encoding the operation.requestHeader.value. More information on this can be found in OAuth Capabilites.

  7. The server under test is returning a 401 error instead of good response. Verify the Test System setup. Is the Client ID/Client Secret correct for Oauth2 enabled systems? Are the scopes correct?

  8. I cannot get a response from my server at all. Is your endpoint correct? Is your Test System accessible outside your firewall? Does your organization need to white-list Touchstone? Check with Touchstone_Support@aegis.net for full list of IP ranges.

  9. My server sent a CapabilityStatement, but Touchstone indicated a problem. Touchstone will automatically validate a Test System CapabilityStatement when pulled, even when the system is not yet under test. Touchstone WILL still allow that system to continue testing, but will remind the tester of the issues.

  10. My server doesn’t have a CapabilityStatement Touchstone will still allow that system to continue testing, but will remind the tester at each test that it is required per the FHIR specification. Systems that are identified as SMART-on-FHIR systems will need to provide a SMART Well-Known Configuration for most testing in Touchstone.

  11. How do fixtures get uploaded to Touchstone and referenced by TestScripts? Fixtures are uploaded along with the TestScripts and should be referenced by a relative/absolute file path of Touchstone’s folder structure. Best practice is to include a _reference/resources folder and use “./_reference/resources/filename.json” as the reference value.