Test Execution Results

To get a detailed report on your test execution, you can take the following steps:

  1. Click on the Test Script Execution link of interest on the Test Execution screen:

  2. You can click on a Test of interest within the Tests section to get an expanded view of the test results:

  3. You can click on the ...more link to get detailed information on what took place during an operation:

  4. You can click on the Request Body and Response Body links to get the payloads in a separate window:


    If you click on the Test: Step3-UpdatePatient link again (above), it will collapse this Test view and get you back to the initial view.

    The Test Script link will take you to the actual Test Script that was executed for this test execution (and not the latest version that’s there in the system). That’s important for research. Similarly, the fixture and profile links will take you to the actual fixtures and profiles used during test execution:

    ../_images/testscript_exec_testscript_link_a3.png ../_images/testscript_exec_fixture_link_a2.png

    For more information on fixtures, profiles, and variables please refer to the TestScript FHIR specification at http://build.fhir.org/testscript.html.