Conformance Testing

Users can monitor the conformance of tests systems to a specification based on Conformance Suites available in Touchstone.

Prior to Touchstone 5.0.0, users were limited to pre-configured conformance tests in Touchstone. The following Conformance-testing capabilities have been added in Touchstone 5.0.0:

  • Organizations (with the appropriate subscription level) can create their own Conformance Suites with custom test groups and test scripts.

  • Client (Peer-to-Peer) interactions can be monitored as part of Conformance (in addition to Server interactions).

  • Organizations can optionally make their Conformance Suites accessible to members of their Organization only or to members of their Org Group or to everyone.

  • Conformance Suites and Results are versioned. This allows organizations to publish their results at any time and continue their testing without affecting published results.

  • Suite authors can allows users to publish conformance results or prevent them from doing so.

  • Suite authors can have conformance results tracked separately for XML and JSON formats.

  • Suite authors can have conformance results tracked separately for supported interactions (in the test system’s capability statement) or disregard the capability statement and include all interactions.