1. When registering Touchstone as a client for an Oauth Test System I need to register the redirect_uri, where can I find that? The redirect_uri for Touchstone is a static value: “https://touchstone.aegis.net/touchstone/oauth2/authcode/redirect”

  2. Why were the endpoints of my Test System updated unexpectedly? When the Capability Statement is downloaded/pulled from the Test System configuration page, Touchstone will automatically pull the well-known/smart-configuration. If the values in your smart-config are incorrect you may edit them on the test system configuration and save.

  3. What is the list of Touchstone IP addresses that would need to be added to a whitelist if my Test System is behind a firewall? The following IP ranges should be added to a whitelist to grant Touchstone access to a Test System that is behind a firewall:

    1. Site 1 (Primary) - (which covers our entire IP range - )

    2. Site 2 (Secondary) - (which covers our entire IP range - )