TS 6.2.1January 23, 2024

  • Update Subscription page to reflect 2024 Subscription and Commercial pricing.

Bug Fixes

  • Terminology server errors for an unknown code system are now preserved and generates a validator warning message.

TS 6.2.0December 18, 2023


  • Implemented a proof of concept (POC) of HL7 Version 2 and HL7 Version 3 testing capabilities. Look for more details in upcoming releases.

  • Touchstone Testing IG v2.0.0 released with support for HL7 V2 and V3

  • Enhanced the WildFHIR servers to support the use of the fhirVersion mime type attribute

  • Enhanced the WildFHIR servers to recognize the FHIR version in the Accept Header and return an OperationOutcome if it doesn’t match FHIR version of the WildFHIR instance being tested

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected Touchstone to honor a trailing forward slash ‘/’ in endpoint URLs

  • Corrected Touchstone to honor encodeRequestURL setting in Peer-To-Peer testing

  • Corrected Touchstone to allow users to access Test Setups when the list was empty or searched for a Test Setup that did not exist

  • Corrected Touchstone to allow test executions in a ‘Waiting’ state to be stopped if the related TestScript has been removed

  • Corrected Touchstone validation logic to correct duplicate CodeableConcept sub-elements when evaluating profile slicing

  • Corrected Touchstone terminology code validation error response handling when code not found in a value set

  • Corrected Touchstone FHIR 3.0.2 FHIRPathEngine ‘replace()’ method to focus element reference

  • Corrected Touchstone FHIR 4.0.1 FHIRPathEngine ‘dateTime’ equivalency when comparing two dateTime values without time zone information

  • Corrected Touchstone FHIR 4.0.1 FHIRPathEngine ‘exists()’ method to correctly handle arguments

TS 6.1.1August 16, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected Touchstone to no longer attempt to use Test System’s authorization when requesting metadata.

  • Corrected the Whitelist FAQ in Touchstone documentation.

TS 6.1.0June 27, 2023


  • Moved the CDSHSandbox folder to the top of the list of Test definitions.

  • Per recent FHIR Terminology Server ( update to change the incorrect code display warning messages to error message, the Touchstone Validators have been modified to reset these error messages back to warning messages.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected Touchstone to always run and display asserts in the order that they appear in the TestScript.

  • Corrected encoding the hash (#) value in test executions when TestScript operations request encoding.

  • Corrected hover text for CDSHooks Test Systems.

  • Corrected pulling of CDS Services statements for Test Systems that do not yet have one associated to the Test System setup at test execution.

  • Corrected error text when CDSHooks Test System CDS Services do not support the hooks being tested.

TS 6.0.0May 1, 2023


  • The HL7-FHIR and CDS Hooks domains have been merged, allowing users to have FHIR Tests and CDS-Hooks Tests execute in a single Test Execution, as well as create and run TestScripts with both HL7 FHIR and CDS Hooks operations in the same TestScript or test execution. This enhancement removes the need for the user to specify a “Domain” in Touchstone.

  • Implemented support for Order-Dispatch hook for CDS Hooks.

  • Provide a read-only view to the Implementation Guide (IG) Packages loaded into the public Validators.

  • Test Definitions page updated to display the full qualified Test Definition path selected at the top of the page and then each TestScript display the path after the selected root folder.

  • Test Executions page updated to display the assert.description, assert.label, and operation.label when specified in the TestScript.

  • Created WildFHIR instances to support CDS Hooks JWT backend authentication for both RS384 and ES384 signing algorithms.

  • WildFHIR updated to FHIR R4 support of CDS Hooks order-select and order-sign hooks.

  • Implemented validation support for toDate(), toDateTime() and toTime()

  • Updated Rule Outputs documentation to provide additional guidance.

  • FHIR validator modification to allow for valid base64 encoded contents in payload.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected Conformance Suite behavior so that when certain variables like “${CURRENTDATE}” are used in TestScripts, they render properly in the Suite.

  • Conformance Results Summary screen corrected to allow selection of any previous Conformance Suite.

  • Corrected CDS-Hooks JWT Assertion to use the CDS Hooks defined interaction when testing with CDS-Hooks systems (see

  • Corrected TestScript upload and execution errors when an operation defined uses a rule output as a sourceid (fixture) in a test.

  • Corrected WildFHIR implementation of: global search parameters in chained search parameters, Bundle fullURL values when _include used, the ‘or’ of ‘less than or equals’ and ‘greater than or equals’ conditions.

  • Corrected validation logic to: Bundle searchset validation of self link to handle search results from extended ‘$’ operations, appropriately ignore TestScript ${variable} declarations, correctly handle extension context.


  • There is a known issue impacting CDS Hooks security enabled Test Systems. Touchstone is not able to automatically download the Services Statement for a secured CDS Hooks Test System.

    • Symptom: The user will get a TestScript execution failure with an error “Capability Statement is required in CDS-Hooks testing. Please download it on the Test System screen.”

    • Fix to be implemented in subsequent release: Touchstone will be corrected to appropriately download the Services Statement of a secured CDS Hooks Test System.

    • Workaround: The user can manually upload the Services Statement via the Test System screen using the Upload hyperlink.

TS 5.9.1February 2, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected Touchstone parsing of external client request URL to extract the path components - scheme, host, port, path and query - when period characters are present in the path

  • Corrected Touchstone to include PKCE flow elements in the Authorization Request when testing non-OAuth TestScripts against a PKCE-Enabled Test System

  • Corrected Touchstone logic validating OAuth2 Scopes when the requested and/or supported scopes contain wildcards

TS 5.9.0 - December 9, 2022


  • Updated Test System to allow support for PKCE

    NOTE: Specific coding will be required in any TestScript executed against a Test System that is defined with PKCE enabled. Please reference the online Docs for the specifics of what will need to be added to the TestScript(s): (Touchstone Docs PKCE guidence)

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected logic when Touchstone performs Oauth Scope comparison where wildcards were used in the scope settings

  • Corrected Conformance Suite behavior to properly recognize all TestScripts when TestScripts are added to a suite folder via the Touchstone IDE

  • Corrected Vaidator logic when verifying code values against ValueSets that include ValueSet(s) either as a union or an interaction

  • Corrected Validator comparison precision handling of fixed date and datetime values

  • Corrected WildFHIR processing of conditional create and update search logic to account for the possibility of a returned OperationOutcome in the internal search results

  • Corrected WildFHIR search operation with datetime comparison involving time zone

  • Corrected WildFHIR operations that return Bundles to populate the Bundle.entry.fullUrl with the full web context path

  • Corrected WildFHIR search operation results with multiple sort values

  • Corrected WildFHIR search operation query logic for date typed search parameters when the search parameter’s corresponding element is defined as a polymorphic typed element with potential date and period data types

  • Corrected WildFHIR search operation query logic to perform exact matching with reference data type values

TS 5.8.0 - November 4, 2022


  • Updated the MinimumId logic used by Touchstone to match out of order elements (in non-arrays) and to allow for extra element in arrays while preserving array order. TestScripts that previously used MinimumId logic may need to be updated to properly utilize new MinimumId logic

  • Enhanced Touchstone to do additional pre-parsing of TestScripts at upload to capture and return any non-XML schema conformant elements

  • Enhanced Touchstone Peer-to-Peer TestScript matching process to more accurately match incoming messages to the correct waiting test

  • Enhanced Touchstone registration to allow users change the primary email address associated to their user registration and to have an alternate email address that can receive automated emails from Touchstone in addition to their primary email address

  • Updated Conformance Suites to allow a Test Group to be associated to an unlimited number of Conformance Suites

  • Updated the AEGIS Validators to utilize the updated FHIR Java Core Library (based on HL7 Core Library v5.6.xx). Slight changes in validation messages and validation logic should be expected

  • As part of the AEGIS Validator FHIR Java Core Library updates, enhanced Touchstone to properly ignore primitive values containing Testing Platform variable declarations using the ${} delimiters

  • Enhanced AEGIS Validator behavior to relax Warning messages to become Informational messages when evaluating referenced resources against ElementDefinitions with multiple targetProfile values where the referenced resource conforms to at least one of the targetProfile entries

  • As part of the AEGIS Validator FHIR Java Core Library updates, enhanced Touchstone to properly validate conditional profile definitions on Bulk Data TestScripts

  • Enhanced the AEGIS Validator logic allow for a configured selection of which SNOMED-CT code system specific edition of FHIR terminology server is used in validation

  • As part of the AEGIS Validator FHIR Java Core Library updates, enhanced the AEGIS WildFHIR instances to utilize the updated validators

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected Touchstone user registration to not allow identical email addresses to be used across multiple registrations

  • Corrected Conformance Suites Interactions table totals and progress bars to correctly match the conformance results

  • Corrected MinimumId logic to correctly process single quotes in XML payload comparisons

  • Corrected Conformance Results Summary screen to default to version=All on initial display

  • Corrected Conformance Suites to only show active Test Groups in the Test Group selection drop-downs

  • Corrected the informational message text to be more clear when a user deletes a Test System Setup

  • Corrected the Test System Setup screen to properly display the correct data entry fields when users switch between Oauth Token Types

  • Corrected Touchstone to leave the user on the Test Setup screen to allow them to make a correction when the Test Setup name is in error

  • Corrected display of User names when navigating between User pages

  • Corrected logic and error messaging for fixture variables that do not populate at Testscript upload

  • Corrected the WildFHIR server operation response to correctly populate the Bundle.entry.fullUrl of any additonally returned resources

TS 5.7.0 - April 22, 2022


  • Subscription page updated to include hover over text for all features and provide additional feature information

  • Increased the Base URL length on the New Test System and Edit Test System screens from 128 to 512 characters

  • Increased Touchstone session inactivity timeout duration to 30 minutes

  • Enhanced validation in the check special code systems logic to allow for ValueSets that reference other ValueSets

  • Login process now allows user to login with the email used during registration or a Touchstone generated login based on user name provided during registration. Touchstone generated loginIDs can be found on the User Settings page

  • Enhanced HL7 Core Library validator logic to not cache error messages received from a terminology server enabling validation to proceed when there is a communication issue with a terminology server

  • Updated the automated email text received when Subscription levels change to notify the user to logout and login to see the Subscription updates applied to their user experience

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected exception error encountered on peer to peer testing when ifSupported() executed

  • Running tests from Conformance screen no longer requires variables from non-selected tests

  • Test Execution no longer uses static authorization headers from previous configurations of the Test System

  • Touchstone now allows user to utilize “Execute Again” functionality when a Test Setup fixture name has been changed

  • Corrected FHIRPath evaluation errors related to the prioritization of “and”/”in” operators

  • Touchstone now ignores search Bundle entries containing an OperationOutcome or with a search.mode = ‘outcome’ when doing Smart Deletes in Testscript Setup and Teardown operations

  • Corrected Conformance Suites starburst graphic to show orange when tests passed with warnings

  • Corrected Conformance Suites starbursts to display correct interactions totals for Pass/Warn when hovering over the main starburst

  • Corrected state parameter size for OAuth2 Dynamic testing in Conformance Suite execution to match the 100 byte state parameter size in Test Setup execution

  • Corrected sorting issue in Conformance Suites which was causing unexpected results as test were not run in the correct order

  • Updated validator logic to correctly handle timezones when comparing date and timestamp precision values

  • Updated validator logic to correctly handle required bindings for Codeable Concept type elements to ensure that the rules for them are being evaluated correctly:

    • at least one Coding element SHALL be present

    • one of the Coding values SHALL be from the specified value set

    • text can be provided as well, and is always recommended, but is not an acceptable substitute for the required code

  • Corrected hover-over text on CapabilityStatement on Test System Configuration to remove references to month and year

  • Corrected Touchstone landing page URLs for the Developer’s Integration Lab and the main website so that they directed users to the proper website

TS 5.6.0 - December 10, 2021


  • Enhanced test execution warning status display in UI to represent Passed with Warnings as orange in the status bar, include the count of the warnings in the test count summary, and the execution status will represent Passed with Warnings rather than just Passed when there are warnings

  • Enhanced navigation in Test Executions with more intuitive hyperlinks and expansions

  • Enhanced extractScopesNotGranted() to accept and process a context wildcard

  • Implemented FHIRPath $index token support

  • Updated Touchstone Testing Implementation Guide for the TestScript profile to include ‘history-instance’, ‘history-type’, and ‘history-system’ operations in FHIRPath expression

  • Implemented support for history-instance, history-type and history-system

  • Enhanced Validator to data drive the terminology server used during validation

  • Enhanced Validator to handle slicing definitions with single and multiple discriminators

  • Enhanced Validator timezone processing when comparing date and timestamp precision values

  • Added functionality to secured version of WildFHIR to allow page caching

  • Added Touchstone IPs for Whitelist to documentation

Bug Fixes

  • Added check and warning message to prevent user from uploading a TestScript with the same name but a different extension

  • Public Test System no longer requires client secret to be specified

  • Fixed “Execute Again” populating incorrect Destination Server

  • Resolved issue with auto-pagination incorrectly applying encoding a second time

  • Resolved duplicate Authorization Header caused by auto-pagination

  • Added logic to prevent test setup execution when no destination specified

  • Corrected Touchstone to recognize json extension at test execution

  • Implemented validation to prevent a user from executing a test mid-load

  • Resolved caching errors caused by unavailable HL7 terminology server

TS 5.5.0 - October 8, 2021


  • Added ‘nonce’ and ‘response_mode’ parameters

  • Added ability to manually upload Capability Statement

  • Validator now returns as much of the response as it has validated within the timeout period instead of just returning an error

  • Developed extension to support TestSetup Dynamic Fixture such that a user can enter their own fixture at test setup time

  • Enhanced Touchstone to allow testing of peer to peer secure systems (OAuth Clients and Servers)

  • Added support for history operation, described in Touchstone Testing IG

  • Allow organizations to create Test Systems with the same IP address and/or base URL within Touchstone

Bug Fixes

  • Unsupported Validators are no longer displayed on User Admin ‘Validator’ selection box

  • Updated the Error message thrown when failing a test setup

  • Adjusted heirarchy of importance so that “Skipped” is not displayed over “Passed” or “Passed+W”

  • Resolved Unexpected error in Conformance Suite when Toggle to XML is selected

  • Fixed Incorrect Handling of Placeholders in requestHeader

  • Corrected exception thrown when duplicate tests are run in a Conformance Suite

  • Conformance Suites - Passed with “W” now showing at ‘Current’ view

  • Conformance Suite Published result for a previous suite version is now viewable

  • Correction to the resolution of references with Bundle entry nesting so that those references are correctly attributed to their respective Bundles

  • Validator now recognizes when Code System Content Mode is “Example” the validation can be performed internally and a call to the terminology server for validation is no longer made

  • Validator no longer restricts refererence types in standalone validation

  • Validator with FHIR Path Engine funcResolve method now accounts for local references within a Bundle

  • Updated validator to provide more precise error text when a non-existent code system validation error is encountered

  • The validation engine honors the warningOnly = ‘true’ setting even when there is a Touchstone-related error present

TS 5.4.0 - July 9, 2021


  • Touchstone API enhanced to allow passing of a static OAuth token in test execution call

  • Automated the Authorization grant flow Oauth login for use via TS API

  • Added support for slicing by pattern for FHIR Primitive Data Types

  • Updated the slice match by pattern logic to be more lenient when pattern value does not define extension(s)

  • Added a pop up message to the “Join Org Group” functionality to provide explanation of test execution visibility

  • In support of pagination, the Touchstone Testing Implementation Guide was updated to add new TestScript Extension for operation pagesNext

  • Updated WildFHIR capability statement to include support for $document operation

  • Increased the Validator & Touchstone timeout thresholds

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed drop down sort order to be case insensitive

  • Addressed issues with result sets being too large for Touchstone

  • Addressed null pointer references

  • Addressed pull failure on Capability Statement

  • Addressed issue with Validator giving warnings when code values were in the required valueset

TS 5.3.0 - March 26, 2021


  • Populate Variables for multiple tests with a single input

  • Allow Conformance Suites to be set as ‘Inactive’

  • Increased Validator timeout parameter

  • Increased Rule timeout parameter

  • Added filter “waiting for auth” in testscript history

Bug Fixes

  • Touchstone doesn’t support _include and _revInclude

  • Adding IGV Upload Roles & Validators gives Error

  • Smart Config not persisted in Test Systems definition

  • Some TestScripts unable to be seen on the Conformance page

  • Static Token in Test Systems & Test Setup functionality broken

TS 5.2.3 - February 26, 2021

  • Maintenance to Subscription Page

TS 5.2.2 - February 15, 2021


  • Security settings, DH key size key size must be able to accommodate larger key size of 8192

  • Need rule-accessible operation to read restful links

Bug Fixes

  • Get ‘phantom’ Test System Proxy Port has Changed error when certain errors occur in Test Execution

  • SourceId declarations in rule asserts not working

  • Smart Config unavailable for some testscripts in some circumstances

  • Validation slicing logic now accounts for Extension slicing where the extension contains a coded value

  • Validator no longer issues Fatal error when ill-formed element is found

  • Validator no longer locks up in an Uploading state when it runs into conformance artifacts that cannot be parsed

  • Validator resolved “ERROR: This element does not match any known slice for profile” encountered when running CARIN Validation Tests

  • Validator giving invalid Warning - “Expansion not defined” when valid values for a valueset are present

TS 5.2.1 - January 11, 2021


  • Conformance Suite Description allows for up to 1,000 characters

Bug Fixes

  • Conformance Suite Org Group visibility does not save properly - includes ALL org groups

  • Test Setup List is loading blank pages

  • Test Systems that have been deleted are stopping Orgs from building a new Test System with the same base url

  • Getting ‘value was null’ for SpecEnum error on validation when capability FHIR version is not supported for server

  • Oauth2 operations not showing up on Categorizations

TS 5.2.0 - December 14, 2020


  • FHIR® Bulk Data Access (Flat FHIR) and SMART Backend Services Support

    • Support for testing of SMART Backend Services conformance

      • Updates to Test System Setup to allow for JWT Assertion and details for registering Touchstone to a SMART Backend Service

    • Support for testing of Bulk Data, including validation of ndjson file contents

    • Updates to the Touchstone Testing IG to aid in Bulk Data ndjson file content validation -

  • Enhancement to allow for Invalid Handshake Security Testing

    • Allows for test launching for invalid handshake testing that does NOT expect a return

    • New ‘manual pass’ test button for visual inspection and passing of tests

  • Enhancement to increase the Touchstone Validator runtime timeout to 90 seconds, allowing for large or complex validations to complete

Bug Fixes

  • FHIRPath exists(criteria : expression) support corrected

  • Slicing logic correction; added logic to slice matches for discriminator of type ‘type’ when multiple types are defined

  • Correct UTF8 encoded character handling

  • Message Bundle reverse references validated properly

  • ‘Test System Proxy Port has Changed’ error when proxy port has not actually changed is no longer displayed on Test Execution results

TS 5.1.0 - October 29, 2020


  • OAuth2 and SMART-on-FHIR Support Test Support

    • Dynamic authorization for both the OAuth2 Authorization Code and the Client Credentials flows

    • Dynamic retrieval of Smart Configuration from SMART-enabled test systems in Touchstone

    • Test Support for SMART-on-FHIR Discovery, OpenID Connect (OIDC)

    • Ability to perform Stand-Alone Launch and EHR-Launch testing

    • Enhanced TestScript Authoring to include OAuth2 capabilities (Refer to the Touchstone IG)

    • OAuth2 authorizations support in explicit form via new TestScript operations: oauth2-authorize, oauth2-get-token, oauth2-refresh-token, and oauth2-revoke-token

  • Enhancement to allow for Assertion-Only Tests

  • Enhancement to allow Tests to continue when Test Assertions fail

  • New FHIR4-0-1-Security test scripts to support SMART-on-FHIR testing

  • New section in TestScript Authoring Guide that describes the OAuth2 functionality

TS 5.0.0 - June 26, 2020


  • Multi-Profile Validator

    • Enabling testing against an existing profile and a newer version of that profile for the same FHIR version.

    • Touchstone will allow for different validators to exist for a FHIR Version, be associated to a TestScript at upload, be selected for a test setup at runtime.

    • Users with appropriate authority will be able to upload IG Validation Packages, upload testscripts and associate them to one or more validator packages.

    • Please refer to Multi-Profile Testing for more information.

  • Conformance Suites

    • Enabling organizations to build their own certification program and easily see results of systems who test against it.

    • Conformance Suites can be defined by an organization, can include only the tests needed for certification, can automatically build conformance reports.

    • Conformance Suites are versioned so that organizations can know which version of the suite they tested against and so that an organization knows which version of the suite organizations are certified against.

    • Users can see and select the Conformance Suite they want to certify against.

    • Testers and Organizations can easily and instantly see conformance in both a graphical and tabular view.

    • Please refer to Conformance Testing and Conformance Suite Authoring for more information.

TS 4.7.4 - Nov 8, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Request URL assertion fails when request parameter contains multiple values for a given parameter with the AND condition.

  • Touchstone does not allow POST requests without a request body.

  • Some special characters (e.g. ‘/’ and ‘+’) are not being encoded in request query parameters.

  • HTML entity references get resolved in request URLs on Test Script Execution screen. This makes it difficult to compare what was submitted to what was expected in Peer-to-Peer tests.

TS 4.7.3 - Sept 6, 2019


  • Add support for FHIR Connectathon 22 in Analytics/Conformance.

TS 4.7.2 - August 30, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Presence of “_format” parameter on its own in Peer-to-Peer request causes test failure.

  • Touchstone appends forward slash (‘/’) to request URLs before query parameters.

  • User gets error when accessing Org Groups page before logging in.

TS 4.7.1 - August 05, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Peer-to-Peer ‘requestURL’ assertion is not performing exact match on URL path.

  • Peer-to-Peer ‘requestURL’ assertion fails when query parameter contains multiple values in different order from actual request.

TS 4.7.0 - July 29, 2019


  • Improve the performance of Groovy rule assertions in Rules Engine.

  • Inform user of incorrect proxy port in submitted URL in peer-to-peer testing.

  • Security Improvements.

Bug Fix

  • User gets ‘Unexpected error’ if Test Setup is executed without waiting for page to completely load.

TS 4.6.1 - July 01, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Users are blocked from using the same Origin IP address for IP-only peer-to-peer testing at the Connectathon.

  • Two users within the same organization that have marked their client test systems for IP-matching are not prevented from launching test execution at the same time in peer-to-peer testing even when the test systems share the same IP address.

  • Touchstone does not inform user on Test Script Execution screen if proxy port of a destination test system changed after the execution was launched in peer-to-peer testing.

  • Touchstone inserts request URL assertion for peer-to-peer tests even when resource id in URL is dynamically generated on client test system in peer-to-peer testing. This assertion will always fail.

  • Previous user agreement version getting displayed to user even after its updated in database.

  • Navigating to a page on Test systems list screen throws error if first test system name on list has unencoded special characters.

  • Touchstone is not evaluating variables in assertion FHIR expressions.

TS 4.6.0 - May 29, 2019


TS 4.5.1 - May 24, 2019

Bug Fix

  • User getting security violation if multiple browser tabs are used to sign into Touchstone.

TS 4.5.0 - May 23, 2019


  • Add support for CORS in Touchstone API.

  • Remove Touchstone-specific USER_KEY and ORG_KEY headers before forwarding request to destination server in Peer-to-Peer exchanges.

  • Add warning message on Test Setup when Test System specification does not match Test Definition specification.

  • Security improvements.

Bug Fix

  • Touchstone sends POST to Bundle endpoint instead of Base for batch operations.

TS 4.4.6 - May 05, 2019

Bug Fix

  • Test Definition upload allows ‘Viewable By’ access to get widened for child test groups via Org Groups.

TS 4.4.5 - Apr 02, 2019


  • Support for FHIR 4.0.0 testing in FHIR Connectathon 21.

TS 4.4.4 - Mar 21, 2019

Bug Fix

  • User getting error when attempting to access expected request message in peer-to-peer test.

TS 4.4.3 - Mar 21, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • User getting error when attempting to download the Touchstone IDE.

  • Email notifications being sent without subject line.

  • Request URL assertion should work with or without forward slash before query string.

TS 4.4.2 - Mar 18, 2019

Bug Fix

  • User getting error when attempting to edit a Test Group.

TS 4.4.1 - Mar 17, 2019

Bug Fix

  • User getting error when attempting to delete Test Setup.

  • Clicking on ‘CapabStmt’ link on Analytics/Conformance or Published screens throws error.

TS 4.4.0 - Mar 13, 2019


  • Validate email authenticity for new user registrations.

  • Automatically stop test executions that have been in Waiting status for long period of time.

  • Security improvements.

TS 4.3.6 - Mar 03, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Org Reps that are also Org Group Reps cannot assign the Test Editor role to an org user.

  • Paging to last page on Exchanges screen can produce UI error if more exchanges took place during the request.

TS 4.3.5 - Feb 06, 2019

Bug Fix

  • Exchange attributes not getting resolved correctly for test systems that have been deleted and recreated.

TS 4.3.4 - Jan 25, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Navigation to resolved rule contents within an assertion on “Test Script Execution” screen causes unexpected error.

  • Navigation to test setup that had destination missing causes unexpected error.

TS 4.3.3 - Jan 15, 2019

Bug Fix

  • Navigation to previous Test Setup throws error if Test System used in the setup got deleted and one or more test scripts in the setup used variables.

TS 4.3.2 - Jan 14, 2019


  • Avoid appending default ports (80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS) for ‘Host’ header in Peer-to-Peer requests.

Bug Fix

  • Test Script Execution and Exchanges screens reporting incorrect ‘Host’ header in Peer-to-Peer requests.

TS 4.3.1 - Jan 10, 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Edit Test System screen redirects user to Sign-In screen with error when test system name is changed to a deleted test system name within the organization.

  • When Test Script Execution and its resource screens are accessed without signing in, the user is not redirected to those screens after signing in.

TS 4.3.0 - Jan 9, 2019


Bug Fix

  • User gets error when Test Script or Fixture links are accessed from Test Script Execution and newer versions of the resources have restricted access.

TS 4.2.2 - Dec 26, 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Request URL assertion fails in Peer-to-Peer tests when ‘_format’ parameter is present.

  • Operation counts are miscalculated on TestScript Execution screen when request assertion fails in Peer-to-Peer testscripts.

TS 4.2.1 - Dec 16, 2018

Bug Fix

  • Users can bypass duplicate hostname checks on Edit Test System screen by deleting and recreating a test system.

TS 4.2.0 - Nov 26, 2018


  • Add support for exclusions of test definitions during upload, parsing, and validations. Refer to Docs for details.

  • Improved support for CDS-Hooks testing.

  • Section 508 improvements on Test Setup and Test Execution screens.

Bug Fixes

  • FHIR profile validation fails in CDSH domain when invoked from Groovy rules.

  • Conditional delete should not require on internal search response.

TS 4.1.0 - Oct 18, 2018


  • Add support for HTTPS in Touchstone Proxy for SSL/TLS peer-to-peer exchanges.

  • Support relative ‘DATE’ and ‘DATETIME’ placeholder in fixtures, request payloads, and URLs.

  • Allow INVALID floater (that displays testscript and fixture validation errors) to stick so user can copy the messages.

  • Break up validation error and warning messages into separate line items on Test Script Execution screen.

  • Support Media types (MIME types) in TestScript operation ‘accept’ and ‘contentType’ elements.

  • Redirect legacy TS Release Notes URL to new HTML version URL.

TS 4.0.2 - Sep 28, 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Error message on Exchanges screen is misleading when submitted USER_KEY is incorrect.

  • Rules Engine does not handle a capability statement with an invalid FHIR spec version.

TS 4.0.1 - Sep 26, 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Upload of sub groups removes other sub groups from Analytics/Conformance screen in non-Sandbox test groups.

  • Analytics/Conformance screen errors if user’s organization has not created any test systems.

TS 4.0.0 - Sep 24, 2018


Bug Fix

  • Users with Pending registration status get unexpected error when they navigate to My Placeholders.

TS 3.9.3 - August 20, 2018


  • Performance improvements to response time of the Exchanges screen.

Bug Fix

  • Trailing space in testscript name causes Test Setup to fail.

TS 3.9.2 - August 6, 2018


  • Rebranding of Touchstone UI.

Bug Fix

  • Changing values on MySettings page and then switching to Test Definitions page causes error.

TS 3.9.1 - July 24, 2018


  • Allow invalid fixtures to get skipped during scheduled validation-runs for negative testing.

Bug Fixes

  • Validation-errors permanently disappear on some test definitions that haven’t changed after an upload.

  • Validation-errors panel gets clipped on Test Definitions page when user is on lower screen resolutions.

  • User gets “No invalid fixtures” immediately upon upload without any indication of a pending validation-run.

TS 3.9.0 - July 23, 2018


Bug Fix

  • Some links in Touchstone email notifications point to the old Touchstone user guide.

TS 3.8.4 - July 10, 2018

Bug Fix

  • Special characters are not handled properly in RequestURL assertions for Peer-to-Peer tests.

TS 3.8.3 - June 17, 2018


  • Allow Org Reps of subscribing organizations to control who can upload test scripts. See Upload on UI for more details.

Bug Fix

  • When user signs in after attempt to download, the user is redirected to Test Definitions instead of Downloads page.

TS 3.8.2 - May 29, 2018


  • Allow non-subscribers to execute FHIRSandbox test scripts.

TS 3.8.1 - May 28, 2018


  • Disallow uploads of test scripts that contain dot in the name.

Bug fix

  • Upload of test group with wider access to test group with Org Group restrictions causes unexpected error.

TS 3.8.0 - May 13, 2018


TS 3.7.0 - April 23, 2018


  • Support for FHIR 3.3.0. See and

  • Test Result Publishing

    • New Analytics/Published screen.

    • Organizations at the Project subscription level and above can now publish their test results to make them publicly viewable.

  • Performance improvements to response time of the Test Definitions screen.

  • Ability for Groovy rule writers to raise arbitrary warnings and errors in TestScript execution assertions.

  • Warning message on Analytics/Conformance screen when Interaction Counts are reset.

Bug fix

  • Org short name change does not propagate to test definitions

TS 3.6.2 - Jan 25, 2018

Bug fixes

  • The extended operation ‘$validate-code’ shows up under ‘$validate’ band on Analytics/Conformance screen.

  • The TestScript and HL7 FHIR links on home page point to old github URLs.

TS 3.6.1 - Jan 22, 2018


TS 3.6.0 - Jan 14, 2018


TS 3.5.3 - Dec 13, 2017


  • Allow deletion of Org Groups and edits to their names.

TS 3.5.2 - Dec 04, 2017


  • Allow Org Group members to filter by “My Org Groups” on the Test Executions and Exchanges screens.

  • Allow Org Group Reps to set the visibility of member-organization test-executions to “Org Group (Open)” or “Org (Private)”. Organizations that are part of “Org Group (Open)” org groups can view each other’s test executions. Those that are part of “Org (Private)” cannot. Org Group Reps can view test executions of member organizations regardless of the flag setting.

  • Allow Touchstone to be selected as the default FHIR Client in peer-to-peer test scripts. This allows for the same test scripts to be used for both client-server (peer-to-peer) testing as well as server-only testing.

  • Allow Test System owners to bypass origin IP checks in peer-to-peer testing.

Bug fix

  • Users that are not signed-in can view test scripts that have been uploaded with access of “Can be viewed by My organization”.

TS 3.5.1 - Nov 21, 2017


  • Improved email notifications during registration and other events.

TS 3.5.0 - Nov 12, 2017


  • Subscription services. You can learn more at the new Subscription page.

  • Users can upload Test Scripts to Touchstone under the Starter plan.

  • Improvements to operation paths on Analytics/Conformance screen.

TS 3.4.16 - Sept 27, 2017

Bug fix

  • Status-count meter is broken on Test Execution and Analytics/Conformance screens. This issue can be seen on latest Chrome release (Version 61.0.3163.100).

TS 3.4.15 - Sept 11, 2017

Bug fix

  • In Peer-to-Peer exchanges (client-side testing), Touchstone forwards requests to the old Base URL of a test system when the test system Base URL changes.

TS 3.4.14 - Sept 05, 2017


  • Improve error reporting in Setup Deletes when test system returns invalid JSON response during test execution.

  • Improve error reporting when variables cannot be resolved during test execution.

TS 3.4.13 - Sept 03, 2017


  • Improve error reporting when conformance statement cannot be parsed.

  • Improve error reporting when response from Test System cannot be parsed.

TS 3.4.12 - July 31, 2017


  • Add support for different sets of Test Groups for the same FHIR version across different months on Analytics/Conformance screen.

Bug fix

  • Default Accept and Content-Type headers are created alongside explicit Accept and Content-Type request headers. This issue arose in new test scripts that define Accept and Content-Type headers explicitly using <requestHeader> element in TestScript operation definition and not the usual <accept> and <contentType> elements.

  • Test System formats field is not updated in Touchstone based on actual CapabilityStatement format field value after CapabilityStatement download

TS 3.4.11 - July 19, 2017


  • Improve error reporting when Bundle total is non-numeric in search response during Setup.

Bug fix

  • Do not display response links on Exchanges screen if a response has not been received by Touchstone.

TS 3.4.10 - July 10, 2017


TS 3.4.9 - July 2, 2017


  • Reject Peer-to-Peer exchanges originating from web crawlers e.g. GoogleBot.

  • Validate actual origin of the peer-to-peer request against Origin test system in Test Setup.

  • Do not capture CORS Pre-Flight OPTIONS request in peer-to-peer message exchanges.

Bug fix

  • Interaction counts on TestScript Execution screen get reset after each Peer-to-Peer exchange.

TS 3.4.8 - June 21, 2017

Bug fix

  • Touchstone is not handling versionId in FHIR resource when it’s specified in wrong format.

TS 3.4.7 - May 28, 2017


  • Change “Conformance Statement” to “Capability Statement” where appropriate in Touchstone.

  • Improve error reporting when invalid operator value is used for confOperator in rule templates.

Bug fixes

  • Supported flag is incorrectly set on some of the main sunburst bands on Analytics/Conformance screen.

  • Message on parent of outermost band is misleading on Analytics/Conformance screen when some but not all interactions are supported.

  • Rule parameter values are not properly listed on Ruleset popup.

  • Clicking on Ruleset link causes error if ruleset uses same rule more than once.

TS 3.4.6 - May 4, 2017


  • Allow users to filter for failures on Test Execution and TestScript Execution screens. This is helpful when the number of test scripts and tests is large in the run.

Bug fix

  • Incorrect icon/flag is displayed for unsupported bands in main sunburst on Analytics/Conformance screen.

TS 3.4.5 - May 3, 2017

Bug fix

  • The sunbursts on Analytics/Conformance screen shift a little when user hovers over them. This makes it harder for user to click on a particular band.

TS 3.4.4 - May 2, 2017


Bug fixes

  • Patch interaction shows up as supported on Analytics/Conformance screen even though capability statement does not declare support for it.

  • Search param ‘_include’ at the resource level shows up as unsupported on Analytics/Conformance screen even though capability statement declares support for it.

TS 3.4.3 - April 14, 2017

Bug fix

TS 3.4.2 - March 22, 2017


Bug fix

  • Formats-Supported checkboxes are misaligned in Firefox on New/Edit Test System screens.

TS 3.4.1 - March 1, 2017


  • Test Groups renamed

    • Top-level test groups under Test Definitions are now listed with latest version at the top.

    • Basic test scripts have been broken up into alphabetical groupings to allow for future growth and easier navigation.

TS 3.4.0 - Feb 17, 2017


  • Assertion dependencies

    • Touchstone can now conditionally evaluate assertions based on the state of message headers/content as well as support in the test system’s conformance statement.

TS 3.3.8 - Jan 14, 2017

Bug fixes

  • Conformance statement parsing fails when conformance statement contains lists with empty items.

  • Test Systems screen shows no items on some pages.

TS 3.3.7 - Jan 13, 2017


  • Msc improvements to UI response times.

TS 3.3.6 - Jan 12, 2017

Bug fix

  • Extended-Operation interactions are not matched correctly against the Conformance Statement. Even though conformance statement declares e.g. “‘reference’ : ‘OperationDefinition/ValueSet-validate-code’”, Touchstone expects “‘reference’ : ‘OperationDefinition/valueset-validate-code’”, and flags the interaction as unsupported. Either reference will now work.

TS 3.3.5 - Jan 11, 2017


  • Support for FHIR TestReport. Users can now retrieve test results via Touchstone API in FHIR TestReport format. Details can be found in the UserGuide.

  • Peer-to-Peer Testing: Touchstone should not auto-retrieve conformance statements during test execution and once a day for test systems that are marked as purely client test systems. Users should still have the option of manually downloading the conformance statement on the UI.

  • Peer-to-Peer Testing: Client request-submission attributes should be more prominent on the Script Execution screen.

  • Peer-to-Peer Testing: Default checks should be made during test execution for HTTP method and URL submission by the client so bad submits can be caught upstream and reported to user.

TS 3.3.4 - Jan 05, 2017

Bug fix

  • Analytics/Conformance screen throws error when number of test scripts exceeds 256 for a given specification.

TS 3.3.3 - Jan 03, 2017


  • Support for SSL- cert communication between Touchstone and Test Systems.

TS 3.3.2 - Dec 29, 2016

Bug fixes

  • Resource profile links are broken for relative references on Conformance/Capability statement popup.

  • Navigating to XML view on Conformance/Capability statement popup still displays JSON content.

TS 3.3.1 - Dec 26, 2016


  • Add system-generation assertion for Bundle/total presence in system-generated search response in Setup.

  • Display more descriptive text on the UI when Touchstone is unable to connect to target test system.

Bug fixes

  • Assertion for Content-Type does not check for correct FHIR mime-type.

  • Detect infinite loop when deletes fail for system-generated search/delete operations in Setup.

TS 3.3.0 - Dec 20, 2016


  • Add support for FHIRPath evaluation when used in TestScript “variable.expression”, “assertion.expression”, and “assertion.compareToSourceExpression” elements.

    The Advanced-FHIR1-8-0, Basic-FHIR1-8-0, and Connectathon14 test scripts use FHIRPath expressions for some assertion evaluations.

    Details can be found at

    Touchstone continues to support “variable.path”, “assertion. path”, and “assertion. path” elements where built-in XPath/JSONPath is executed.

TS 3.2.5 - Dec 19, 2016

Bug fixes

  • System errors when user attempts to update the access token on Test Setup screen (instead of Test System screen).

TS 3.2.4 - Dec 13, 2016


  • Add support for FHIR 1.8.0.

  • Attempt more mime-types during Conformance Statement retrieval. Update Test System “Spec” and “Formats-Supported” fields in Touchstone based on values in retrieved Conformance Statement.

Bug fixes

  • Required check for Destination field fails in Safari on TestSetup screen causing test execution to fail.

  • Test Scripts table does not show up on Analytics/Conformance screen in Safari.

TS 3.2.3 - Dec 03, 2016


  • Allow users to see the state of their existing conformance statements in Touchstone on the Test Systems, Test System, and Edit Test System screens without having to download every time.

  • Keep search field on Analytics/Conformance screen visible at all resolutions.

Bug fixes

  • Peer-to-Peer Test Execution matching does not work by IP address.

  • Interaction counts do not get updated during test execution in peer-to-peer exchange when source fixture is missing.

TS 3.2.2 - Dec 01, 2016


  • Add placeholder support for relative date and date time computations and replacements in fixtures.

Bug fixes

  • Do not allow users outside an organization to delete a test system even if the test system is publicly editable.

  • Monthly dropdown on Analytics/Conformance screen does not show Sept 2016.

TS 3.2.1 - Nov 29, 2016


  • On a daily basis, Touchstone will pull conformance statement for all test systems that have checked “Allow Touchstone to pull conformance statement on scheduled basis” on Test System screen. Touchstone will also attempt to pull conformance statement during test execution if previous attempts had failed.

  • Enforce timeout in TestScript operation calls.

TS 3.2.0 - Nov 28, 2016


  • Ability for users to delete test system even if it has test executions.

  • Ability for users to change test system name, base URL, and specification even if the test system has test executions.

  • Ability for two organizations to choose the same test system name. Display Organization in TestSetup test system drop-down.

  • New filter option on Test Executions screen that shows all test executions against the organization’s test systems including those launched by users in other organizations.

  • Ability to download Conformance statement for the month within Analytics/Conformance screen.

  • Display link to Conformance statement on Analytics/Conformance screen.

  • Show test systems for the signed-in user’s organization on Test Systems screen by default.

  • Conformance icon on Test Execution screen indicates one or more test scripts have unsupported interactions but screen does not indicate which test script in the list is the culprit. User has to click on each test script execution to find out. Test Execution screen now shows which test scripts in the list have unsupported interactions.

  • Display icon for unsupported interactions in orange instead of red on Test Execution and Script Execution screens.

Bug fixes

  • Clicking on XML on Conformance statement popup retrieves JSON Conformance statement. It should retrieve XML Conformance statement.

  • Conformance floater overflows page if conformance statement supports over 7 formats.

TS 3.1.0 - Nov 14, 2016


Bug fixes

  • Execution fails for test script that does not contribute towards Analytics/Conformance.

  • Request parameters are being decoded twice which has caused errors during paging of some TestSetups.

TS 3.0.7 - Oct 18, 2016


  • Improve error reporting when minimum check fails for unexpected element type.

Bug fixes

  • Addition of Other column on Analytics/Conformance screen is causing overlap of tables

  • ConditionalDelete in Setup fires unnecessary Search operations for JSON.

  • When user selects unsupported Domains (e.g. NwHIN instead of HL7 FHIR), Analytics/Conformance screen throws error.

TS 3.0.6 - Oct 10, 2016


  • Conformance statements are validated after download and validation errors are displayed on the conformance popup.

  • Resolve variables in minimum fixtures.

Bug fixes

  • TestScript setup operations/interactions are not counted correctly against the conformance analytics.

  • Assertions against header values should be case-insensitive.

  • TestScript popup is not handled properly when session has expired.

TS 3.0.5 - Oct 04, 2016


  • Add ‘Other’ column on Analytics/Conformance and Script Execution screens that captures the rest of the interaction counts besides Pass and Fail.

Bug fixes

  • Background color for C icon for conformance statements on Test Execution and Test Execution list screens is inconsistent with C icon on Script Execution screen.

TS 3.0.4 - Oct 02, 2016


  • Add support for Basic Authentication in Touchstone API.

TS 3.0.3 - Sept 29, 2016


  • Exclude entire test script from “% conformant” if any interaction is unsupported and user selects “Exclude Unsupported”. This is needed because of dependencies between tests/operations with a TestScript.

  • Add support for conditionDelete/single, conditionalDelete/multiple, updateCreate, and conditionalRead to conformance-based testing.

  • Move Test Systems link to the top menu so it’s visible at all times.

  • New set of options for execute access on New Test System and Edit Test system screen allows separation of view-access from execute-access. Test systems that use access tokens can have execute-access restricted without affecting view-access.

  • Admin screens for maintenance.

TS 3.0.2 - Sept 18, 2016

Bug fix

  • HTML returned in HTTP header values throws off the ScriptExecution and Message detail screens.

TS 3.0.1 - Sept 17, 2016


  • Allow users to access test executions by other users from Analytics/Conformance screen if target system is owned by user’s org.

Bug fixes

  • Search in test assertions for headers in HTTP requests and responses should be case-insensitive based on HTTP spec.

  • System throws error when user has not defined any test systems yet and attempts to go to Stats/Conformance screen.

  • Popups for request and response message detail lost their CSS styles in 3.0.0

TS 3.0.0 - Sept 15, 2016


  • Conformance-based Testing

    • New Analytics/Conformance screen allows users to monitor the conformance of their tests systems to a specification based on test scripts available in Touchstone.

    • Tests can be executed from within this new screen.

    • Details can be found in the Touchstone User Guide here.

  • Improve default TestSetup name generation.

  • Allow Access Token to get set on Test System Edit screen for test systems that require OAuth2.

  • Inform users of interactions that are supported (or unsupported) by a test system’s conformance statement on Script Execution screen.

TS 2.4.8 - Sept 11, 2016


  • Add support for STU3 Ballot+ FHIR Mime Type (‘application/fhir+json’ and ‘application/fhir+xml’)

TS 2.4.7 - Sept 05, 2016


  • Change Test Group names to better align with FHIR specification versions.

TS 2.4.6 - Aug 12, 2016


  • Added support for FHIR STU3 Ballot.

TS 2.4.5 - July 07, 2016

Bug fix

  • Test engine producing errors with negative testing of update operation.

TS 2.4.4 - June 26, 2016

Bug fixes

  • Upload of TestScript sub-folder does not overwrite existing test scripts.

  • Header value in TestScript-operation that contains a colon will not appear on Script Execution screen.

  • Table columns on TestScript-Execution screen widen and then shrink on screen refresh.

TS 2.4.3 - June 18, 2016


  • Add support for verifying request URL contents.

    • This is useful in Client-side/Peer-to-Peer testing.

  • Do not set ‘Content-Type’ and ‘Accept’ headers in request when TestScript has explicitly specified ‘none’ for operation contentType and accept.

    • This is useful in verifying test-system behavior when these headers have not been set.

TS 2.4.2 - June 13, 2016

Bug fix

  • Test Engine ignores response assertions when request assertions are present in peer-to-peer operations.

TS 2.4.1 - June 07, 2016

Bug fix

  • Upload of fixtures-only sub-directory by Test Editor causes Test Definitions to become inaccessible.

TS 2.4.0 - May 23, 2016


  • Touchstone API

    • Test executions can be launched and monitored via remote RESTful web services. This allows for integration of Touchstone test executions as part of your internal automated regressions tests (e.g. as part of Continuous Integration).

    • The XML and JSON schemas for Touchstone API are available within the schemas folder in

    • Details can be found in the Touchstone User Guide here.

    • Details on CI integration with Jenkins can be found here.

  • CAPTCHA during registration to prevent robot registrations.

  • Software upgrades

TS 2.3.2 - May 06, 2016

Bug fix

  • Clicking on History for a test definition on Test Definitions screen throws error.

TS 2.3.1 - May 05, 2016


  • Added XML-Patch support.

TS 2.3.0 - April 20, 2016


  • Rules Engine

    • Complex rules against message headers and body (that go beyond what TestScript assert previously supported) can now be evaluated using the new Rules Engine.

    • These rules can be used via the new TestScript.rule, TestScript.ruleset, TestScript assert.rule, and TestScript assert.ruleset elements.

    • Rules can be implemented in the following languages:

      • Groovy

      • Schematron

      • XSLT

        Support for additional languages will be added in the future.

    • Test editors can create, upload, and edit rule and ruleset definitions on the UI.

    • Access to rule and rule definitions is controlled the same way that access to test scripts and fixtures are controlled (by user, organization, and organization-group).

Bug fix

  • Fixed XXE vulnerabilities.

TS 2.2.3 - April 13, 2016

Bug fix

  • Assertion in TestScript.setup system-generated delete operation is checking for response code 200. It should also check for 204.

TS 2.2.2 - April 11, 2016


  • Rename “FHIR DSTU 2.2” to “FHIR-STU-3-Candidate”

TS 2.2.1 - April 01, 2016


  • Add support for FHIR DSTU 2.2.

TS 2.2.0 - March 24, 2016


  • Test Script and Fixture Versioning

    • When the content of an existing test script or fixture changes (via an upload), the test execution screens will inform the user that newer version of the test script and/or fixture is available.

    • The system will continue to pull in latest test scripts and fixtures on test re-execution.

    • Old test scripts and fixtures (before versioning became available) will assume the version 0 in old test executions.

  • Capture Test System conformance statement for each test execution

    • End-users can now see the conformance statement of each test system involved in test execution at the time of execution on Test Execution screens. Until now, Touchstone only made the latest conformance statements available to end-users on Test System screens.

  • Improvements in conformance checks and display of conformance statements.

    • Some FHIR servers can only return conformance statements in one format. Touchstone now attempts to retrieve conformance statements first in JSON and then in XML if JSON fails. In the past, Touchstone only attempted XML conformance statement retrieval during conformance checks.

  • Validations per specification version.

    • Profile and resource validations during execution of test script FHIR spec 2.1 will be performed against FHIR spec 2.1 Validator. Similarly, profile and resource validations in 2.0 test script executions will be performed against FHIR spec 2.0 Validator, etc. In the past Touchstone validated only against latest FHIR validator.

TS 2.1.9 - March 11, 2016

Bug fix

  • Concurrent test script execution can cause operation execution data collisions.

TS 2.1.8 - February 28, 2016

Bug fixes

  • XML Minimum assertion evaluation failure when minimum file contains attribute with resource name.

  • JSON Minimum assertion evaluation failure for resource “List” which has nested entry elements within Bundle.

TS 2.1.7 - February 27, 2016

Bug fix

  • Test Definition tree expands and contracts on page load.

TS 2.1.6 - February 25, 2016

Bug fix

  • Have system-generated search and delete operations in Setup and Teardown honor the Accept header specified in the delete operation.

TS 2.1.5 - February 25, 2016


  • New Landing Page for guest users with following information:

    • What Touchstone is.

    • Links to tutorials.

    • Software updates.

    • Feeds.

    Users can bypass the landing page by bookmarking the “Sign In” page. Users continue to get redirected to their last set of Test Definitions after signing in. You can always get to the Landing Page by clicking on the Touchstone logo.

TS 2.1.4 - February 21, 2016


  • Org Group membership

    • Admins can now make users the Org Group Rep of Org Groups.

    • Org Reps can request their organizations to become members of Org Groups.

    • Org Group Rep can approve or reject such requests.

    Access to resources such as Test Definitions and Test Systems can be limited to a group of organizations via Org Group functionality.

TS 2.1.3 - February 08, 2016


  • Display the org groups that a user and organization belong to on the appropriate screens.

  • Capture changes to Organization name and to Test System name and baseUrl in User History.

Bug fixes

  • Bad baseURL throws off Proxy URL generation during Test System creation

  • ‘No test setups’ is displayed twice when a user initially lands on ‘Test Setup’ screen.

TS 2.1.2 - February 06, 2016

Bug fixes

  • XPath functions are not always taken into account in XPath evaluation during test execution

TS 2.1.1 - February 04, 2016

Bug fixes

  • Multiple variables in URL path not getting resolved properly in some cases during operation execution.

  • System does not handle relative references to fixtures (in test scripts) that contain ‘..’.

TS 2.1.0 - February 03, 2016


  • Allow Org Reps to view User History for members of the organization. The following events are captured:

    • User registers

    • User requests membership

    • User membership gets approved

    • User membership gets rejected

    • User membership gets changed back to Pending

    • User roles change

    • User creates an organization

    • User cancels a membership request

    • User status get deactivated by admin

    • User status gets reactivated by admin

    • User gets locked because of too many password attempts

    • User gets locked manually by admin

    • User gets unlocked by admin

    • User resets his/her password

    • User password gets reset by org rep or admin

    • User regenerates the Org Key for his/her organization

    • User regenerates his/her User Key

  • Support for Organization Groups

    • Admins can now create organization groups. An organization can belong to multiple organization groups. Test scripts, fixtures, and test systems can now be tied to organization groups. This allows members of multiple organizations to share resources and control access across specific organizations.

  • Redirect user to Test Definitions if an old test script has been removed.

  • After sign in, redirect org reps to users screen if they have pending registrations.

Bug fixes

  • System errors when test setup is deleted in dual session and executed in another.

TS 2.0.4 - January 25, 2016


  • Allow users to switch organizations more easily.

  • Improve error reporting in test script SETUP execution when entries cannot be found.

  • Search criteria not included in message to user when 0 records returned in Test Definitions search.

Bug fixes

  • Old sort cookie value is not being handled by Touchstone. This causes error when some users land on Test Definitions screen.

  • Touchstone attempts to parse FHIR resource out of HTML response (when operation errors).

TS 2.0.3 - January 10, 2016


  • Add support for FHIR transaction operation

Bug fixes

  • Resource type assertions are failing when operation response contains BOM characters.

  • The presence of bad html in the operation response throws off the page’s styles.

TS 2.0.2 - January 08, 2016


  • Improve Test Setup default name generation.

  • Email other org reps when one org rep approves or rejects user registration.

  • Indicate the expected Content-Type and Accept headers for client-side operations to help users submit the right request the first-time.

Bug fixes

  • If the test scripts referred to by a Test Setup have all be removed, then system throws misleading error when user tries to re-execute the Test Setup.

  • Client-side patch operation was not working properly.

  • Execution Status filter drop-down on Test Executions screen is out-of-order, has spaces, and duplicates

  • Touchstone refuses to process an XML response with a DOCTYPE declaration.

TS 2.0.1 - January 07, 2016


  • Improve error reporting when a request or response message cannot be parsed.

  • Increase the width of the Origin and Destination drop-downs in Test Setup.

  • Touchstone 2.0 User Guide.

Bug fixes

  • The Supported Profiles column gets squashed on Test System list screen.

  • Conformance retrieval needs to use access tokens for test systems that require OAuth2.

TS 2.0.0 - January 06, 2016


  • Support for Client-side (Peer-to-Peer) Testing.

    • Origin elements are now presented on Test Setup and Test Execution screens as Touchstone may not be the origin for all message exchanges.

    • Support for multiple destinations in Test Setup and Test Execution.

    • Conformance checks are being done against multiple origins and destinations that could be involved in test executions.

  • Support for user-defined variables in Test Setup.

  • Test Setup (and reexecution of new Test Executions) will pull latest test scripts.

    • There is no need any more to create new Test Setups when test scripts change in the system.

    • When user clicks on Test Script, Fixture, and Profile links in old test executions, the latest Test Scripts and Fixtures are NOT displayed. The ones that were used at the time of execution are displayed.

  • New Exchanges screen that displays all messages exchanges (Touchstone and Client initiated messages).

    • This screen allows users to filter for Response codes and overall Operation assertion status for their test systems. This allows users to find all “bad” response codes from their test systems, for example.

    • This screen is also useful in Client-side testing as request messages that do not match the user test execution can be found here.

  • Improvements to Test Script Execution screen layout.

  • Support for PATCH operation.

  • Support for conformance operation via HTTP OPTIONS.

  • Addition of Connectathon11 Test Scripts.

    • Track 1 - Patient

    • Track 2 - Terminology

    • Track 3 - CDS on FHIR

    • Track 4 - DAF

    • Track 6 - FHIR Genomics

    • Track 7 - Lab Order Lab Report

    • Track 9 - PATCH

  • Upgrade of FHIR Validator to FHIR DSTU2 (v1.2.0-7493) a.k.a DSTU 2.1 Java RI - current trunk as of 12/30/2015.

  • TestSetup search is now wild-carded on Test Execution search page.

  • Link to test system’s Conformance statement is now provided on Test System and Test System list screens.