1. I’m unable to see a test group on Conformance Current page even though I’ve selected it as one of the test groups in my suite

    In order to be able to properly select test groups that were uploaded prior to Touchstone 5.0.0 release, you must re-upload them to Touchstone.

  2. How come conformance suites cannot be deleted by users that have Conf Suite Editor role?

    Conf Suite deletion can have a negative impact on all organizations that use the suite. As such, only Org Reps of the organization that owns the suite can delete the suite.

    This section describes this topic a bit more.

  3. How come the anchor system for a suite is not indicated on Conformance Current page

The Anchor system is indicated on Conformance Suites, Result Summary, and various Test Execution screens. The Conformance Current page is crowded as it is. Indicating the Anchor system on the screen can confuse the user-selectable SUT with the Anchor system. The main focus of a conformance suite is to test SUTs. The Anchor system will be the same for all SUTs in a given conformance suite.